This new cycle reminds us the power of Free Expresion! Let's trust life, let's trust our instinct and most of all Let's Chill and make Art! Welcome to your personal journey. Join every Monday 19:00-21:00hrs 55 CHF Limited spaces.

Singing Circle Full Moon January and February Thursday 25.01 & Saturday 24.02 From 19:00-21:00 (allow until 21:21) Arrival 18:45. In Bern at my Studio.
Born in Mexico City, daughter of Raquel Saad González y Juan José Rosado Camarena. At age 14 she moves to California to study English, then returns to Mexico City to study Marketing. At the age of 28, she left the big city and headed south in search of her purpose, arriving then in Playa del Carmen in the year 2005, a place she called home for the next 11 years. Her time in the Mexican Caribean held many initiations in her life, during this time she got in touch with the bottom of the ocean,...
Lets honour our path. An invitation to weave a soothing & blissful loving energy, that will LIFT us up. Cacao, Love and Magic in the heart of Bern.

Alas de Sirena macht den Frühling

MONDtags 2022
Begleite mich auf eine Reise in die innere Unendlichkeit. Gemeinsam werden wir den einzigartigen Weg der Schöpfung erkunden, der dir und deiner Göttlichkeit zur Verfügung steht.

Blossom Cacao!
We Love to Blossom ♥

Shedding & Blooming. Fearless. 2022.

My name is Alejandra
Can you recognize that feeling of total joy and presence when you see, smell, hear, taste, touch something you love? My name is Alejandra, the heart behind Alas de Sirena. My brand aims for authenticity, kindness and nutrition in connection with the Earth, when we remember our true colours, the magic unfolds; showing us the way back to the heart, there we create a safe place, to become spirit and get the answers we need to find our gift for this life.