YarnPainting Workshops at Ballenberg

By Alas de Sirena


Ancestral technique performed in Mexico by the Wixarika Culture. 

Their art is determined by very detailed symbolisms that have remained intact since the beginning of time, because until recently they did not have a written language.  Their symbols represent their connection with other worlds and their communication with the gods.

Yarn Painting consists of using a very thin layer of wax on the object we are going to "paint", followed by pressing the coloured thread on the waxed surface creating the patterns of your vision. Each piece can take hours, weeks or even months to complete, depending on the size and detail given.

16.-17. July 2021

Dream Creator Yarn-painting Workshop

Two days to dive into your intentions, we will co create the space to feel balance, to be comfortable to create dreams through an ancestral technique of prayer. 

28.-30. October 2021

Skull Yarn-painting Workshop

Three days to connect with death through honouring life, we will celebrate Día de los Muertos , through the ancient vision of this tradition.