goddess´ night

Welcome to your personal journey! 


Why Goddess' Night?

I believe as women, it is important we reunite in circle at least once every moon cycle.

To see each other, feel  the presence, co-create a safe space, for allowing the magic to unfold!

And while doing that, celebrate us! WE ARE NATURE, lets honour our path. 


This is an invitation to weave a soothing & blissful loving energy,  that will LIFT us up.

Let us be hold by the beauty of life, welcoming the spirit of the Colibri!

Opening the heart to your own existence!


Please bring: 

*A candle

*A bottle of water

* Fruits or flowers

*A snack to share at the end

*Comfortable clothes (a long skirt or sarong when possible) 

*Instrument (optional)


 What are the effects of cacao? 

Theobromine  is the active ingredient, the name comes from the Greek theo-broma "Food of the Gods".  

It acts as an aphrodisiac and as a neurotransmitter which stimulates the "Hormone of Love" call dopamine.

It also contains anandamide that has been identified by scientists as the "Molecule of bliss". 

Creating mental clarity and slight euphoria that illuminates the state of being.


"Blossom Cacao" comes from the jungle of Guatemala, the seed its collected and transform in medicine by a collective of women.

 Honoring our sacred Mother/Father Earth for all the gifts of being alive.



Please avoid alcohol, drugs and caffeine 24hrs before the ceremony, try to eat a light meal before arriving.

Please contact me if you are taking any kind of medication or ant depressives.


Limited spaces. 


Con amor y Ometeotl, 

 A l a s  R o S a a d o             

goddess' night

40.- Die Gemeinschaft unterstützt dich! Danke!
50.- Du gibst der Gemeinschaft, danke!
+60.- Du unterstützt die Gemeinschaft, vielen Dank!

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