Ancestral Energy for the Urban Woman


MA: Feminine and maternal energy.

I: "Through me" arrow of light that connects heaven and earth.

KU: Call to the inner realms, to the circle of inner masters and guardians.

The Maiku Blessing is a therapy of relaxation, consultation and guidance that comes from the cosmovision of the red path, where it is known as the wheel of life. It brings multiple benefits for the health and answers for the soul. It is the vital energy, that emerges from the earth to harmonize and release its positive qualities through the four elements of nature present in the human body and the feminine system. Water: In the emotional, Earth: In physical health, Fire: In the creative and spiritual, Air: In interpersonal relationships, Ether: In the memory of the soul.




  • Release emotional, physical and mental blockages.
  • Regain self-worth and hope.
  • Letting go of limiting lineage memories.
  • Understanding and self-knowledge.
  • Overcoming grief or separation.
  • Vibrational recovery after an abortion.
  • Revoke ties with former partners.
  • Recover and activate your mystical and creative gifts.
  • You can use it to bless people, issues or spaces.
  • Find the origin of health problems such as infertility, cysts, fibroids.
  • Gain energy lost after unfinished relationships.
  • Overcome depression.