The Ruby Network is a network of codes of the New Feminine Energy, radiated by its guardians in the inner Kingdoms of our Mother Earth, we join this network through consecrated stones and the vibration of the Great Invocation of Feminine Fraternity, in the portal that opens each New Moon** The new moon energy is to heal, create, learn and transform energy. To invoke, manifesting the energy of the guardians. To BE SPIRIT and let all of the above happen in unity. 

New Moon Ceremony

The Benefits:

  • Synchrony between the biorhythms of the earth and our bodies.
  • Integrate in your life the relationship with the lunar cycles.
  • Know the feminine cycle.
  • Be part of a worldwide network of  feminine fraternity.
  • Incorporate feminine language into spiritual practices.
  • Foster in you and around you the feminine qualities of the new era: inner silence, cooperation, sorority, discernment, self-confidence, synchrony and many more..

Maiku Blessing

Ancestral Energy for the Urban Woman


It is ideal to see where are we standing, how the cycle is going to be, what can I do, what do I have to learn,  all this questions are answer in a Maiku Blessing session. Through a spiritual protocol, we connect with the wheel of medicine in its feminine form and do a shamanic reading asking questions that will be answer by the attributes of the 4 elements (water, earth, fire and wind). 


The ceremony will be based on the element that will give us the Blessing.

28 days

28 days Mystical Itinerary


This is a path of purification of our Moon-Blood.


Self-knowledge of our Gynergy.


Gynergy: The Natural Energy of the Feminine Cycle.


  • Emotional
  • Biological-Physical
  • Creative-Vocational
  • Spiritual-Philosophical