October 2021

28-30 October Skull Yarn-painting Course 

Three days to connect with death through honouring life.



july 2021

16-17 July  Yarn-painting Workshop

Two days to dive into your intentions, we will co create the space to feel balance, to be comfortable to create dreams through an ancestral technique of prayer. 

june 2021

may 2021

The intention of this initiative is the spiritual preparation for our  Atlachinolli Meztli Moon Dance Ceremony that will take place in Austria on the Full Moon of August 2021.


My proposal is to accompany us during these 4 months weaving a series of rituals, ceremonies, art, dance, medicine, memory, celebration and community. 


We will begin the cycle with a group Maiku Blessing at Crescent moon, to receive the message of the elements and thus prepare ourselves to receive the first fast. 


Each fast consists of 4 days and 4 nights, where our allies will be the 4 elements, our altar, water, honey and lemon.


We will be able to take the time to recapitulate: what is it that I wish to achieve, what I wish to develop, what I have not achieved that my soul is telling me loudly DO IT! 


Your expression is important to this world and from that understanding we connect with nature this 4 days to listen to our inner guidance through daily rituals (reminders)


Communication will be through videos, emails and a whatsapp group, to helps us stay connected, focus and supported throughout the process.