"When you close your eyes and you are inside your heart, a whole new world appear"

She was born in Mexico City as a daughter of Raquel Saad González and Juan José Rosado Camarena (+). At the age of 14 she moved to California where she lived for 5 years and later returned to Mexico City with the intention of pursuing a college career, but she could not find what made her happy. At the age of 28, she left the city and headed south to the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean in search of her path and mission. There she found the bottom of the sea where, as an underwater videographer, she managed to communicate deeply with the life of this new galaxy, while immersing herself in the colors of Mexican art and discovering something that would become her way of sharing her vision of life with the world.
In 2008, after a car accident, her life took a radical turn, she was unable to walk for almost two years, and it was at this point that the memory of her artistic lineage led her to create art, the art that would become her best medicine and her way of channeling pain, creating works to heal her soul. Thus Alas de Sirena (mermaid wings) became what she calls medicine art.
In 2010 she would begin the walk she still takes today , she encounter her love partner, the reconnection with her mother and the good news that it is possible to heal the footprints left by the accident. That year she returned to Mexico City to undergo spinal surgery, which was a success, and she received the key to everything she was looking for. From then on, the Red Path of the ancestors, love, art and medicine of the earth became her unconditional companion.
In 2016 she moved to Switzerland to live, love and extend her message to the other side of the Atlantic, and to this day she is deeply grateful to life for its wonders, magic and blessings.

Medicine Artist ♥

Moon Dancer ♥

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