41 days

41 days · 12.02.2018
I planted the seeds, and now little by little the harvest starts! Thankful for the creative times of blooming!
41 days · 11.02.2018
Connecting the dotes to follow the path...

41 days · 10.02.2018
The power of the Sacred Plants <3
41 days · 09.02.2018
A collection inspired by Love, Joy and Friendship! Such a happy mix of empowerment!! ... Find it at Bazaar 58 in the Old Town of Bern.

41 days · 08.02.2018
El camino de los corazones que se unen.
41 days · 07.02.2018
Patterns of beauty.

41 days · 06.02.2018
It is not yet time to change season, we continue traveling around the Pink Winter! today was one of the coldest day!
41 days · 05.02.2018
Blooming in Blue! <3

41 days · 04.02.2018
I am kind of move by the blue vibe! it seems like the sky is getting bluer everyday, veggies are getting colorful, winter is still here, with a brighter shade of sky! Let's see how it develops!
41 days · 03.02.2018
Hmm... will it be blue the next collection??

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